Join the growing eCommerce community on Aruba without the cost and headaches of owning and building your own website.

Become a vendor and reach a new market by selling your products online!

Welcome To Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is your own personal space where you can log in, and manage your everything in your store. From checking up on your sales, to upload and manage your products, inventory and also to edit your profile and storefront.

Build As A Responsive Website

Owning & Running Your Own Website Is Expensive!

Did you know that a basic website can cost up to $6500 or more, and that’s in U.S. dollars, after that there’s also the costly monthly payment etc (Website Builder Expert). And let’s not even talk about an eCommerce website. So yeah, it can cost you a fortune just to have your very own website. That’s why Arumall makes it easy for store owners and entrepreneurs like yourself to sell online without the breaking your bank.

Do you want to sell your handmade products?

For those that create beautiful handmade products like jewelry, or beauty products like lotions, soap, and body creams. 


Do you have any questions about Arumall? Try clicking on one of the tabs for the frequently asked question, and maybe you’ll find the answers you are looking for.

How does Arumall work?

Arumall is a service that gives you the opportunity to sell your products online without owning and paying thousands for an e-commerce website. For every product you sell through Arumall, we will get a commission.

What will happen to my product when I sell online?

First thing, you will receive a notification by us by email and WhatsApp. All you have to do is get your product ready and we will come to pick it up within 48 hours. We aim to deliver the products to your client within 3 days, so we’ll make sure that after we pick it up, well deliver it immediately to your client.  After we delivered your product, you’ll get paid within 24 hours.

What if a customer cancels an order?

If a customer cancels an order, before we come to pick it up, you’ll receive a notification from us immediately to inform you that an order has been canceled and we will not be coming to pick it up. If a customer canceled after we picked up your order, then we will simply return the item to you.

How do I pay Arumall's commission?

Arumall offers a flexible way of commission payment. You can choose to pay immediately for every order or, you can receive an invoice every end of the month with your due commission payment.


15 products catalog

Vendor’s Dashboard

15% commission fee


AWG 45


No hidden fees


35 products catalog

Vendor’s Dashboard

12% commission fee


AWG 90


No hidden fees


75 products catalog

Vendor’s Dashboard

10% commission fee


AWG 180


No hidden fees

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