You chose standard design shape

This design shape will give you the most value for your money since you can create thousands of card design for it. It also is the most economical option for business cards.

Total Price: AWG 135,-

Wich Paper Stock Is Right For You?

Choose your business card paper stock below

Your business card is a key way to convey who you are and what sets you apart. That’s why we offer an assortment of high-quality, feel-good paper stocks – each designed to help create a card that truly feels like you.

(+ AWG 0,-)

Coated, smooth feel and easy readability.
Best for: Light-colored designs
Not for: Dark, vibrant colors
Feels like: Varnished front, silky back

(+ AWG 0,-)

Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs.
Best for: Photography-based or vibrant designs
Not for: Designs that use less ink; white designs
Feels like: Slick front, silky back

(+ AWG 0,-)

Elegant, Italian cotton paper weave. 
Best for: Designs that use less ink
Not for: Heavy, all-over printing
Feels like: Lightly woven

(Premium + AWG 25,-)

90% post-consumer recycled brown paper.
Best for: Simple, rustic designs; black ink
Not for: Modern or color-heavy designs
Feels like: An extra-thick paper bag.

(Premium + AWG 25,-)

Gentle shimmer and a smooth, polished feel.
Best for: Lighter designs with pops of rich color
Not for: Mostly dark, saturated designs
Feels like: A smooth polish

(Premium + AWG 25,-)

Smooth with a velvety matte coating.
Best for: Vibrant, colorful designs
Not for: Light designs, industrial style
Feels like: Soft fuzz, felt

After choosing your paper stock you will be redirected to the page to select your finish.

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